Helpful information for questions related to order status and delivery of your order.

Born Ready Apparel

Our custom 100% USA made shirts are special ordered and printed.

What does this mean?

Once an order is placed for a shirt, we custom order USA-made shirts to be printed on, unless we have them already on hand.  We then schedule it for production and printing. Please allow between 7-10 business days (weekends and holidays not included) before your order is shipped.  Production schedules can and do change daily. Production times are not exact and serve as an estimate of the length of time to complete printing prior to shipping. We custom print every order on demand, so we appreciate your understanding that a higher-quality product will take longer than average.  We’re aren’t just grabbing a shirt out of a box that was mass-produced in some other country!

Once shipped, we use your email on file to send you the USPS tracking number to notify you that your order is safely on its way. The expected time of arrival for shipping is based on your address. Our production offices are located near Fort Walton Beach, FL and Dallas, TX. Please allow enough time for the shipping of your order to arrive. Once an order is received we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date.

Born Ready Coins

The challenge coins we produce are based on original artwork and specialized manufacturing techniques giving them both an original look but also a highly detailed approach to our USCG coin design and production. Please allow 1-3 days for packaging and preparation of your coin order. This allows us to review your order, verify your address, package your order and prepare tracking information all before we take your order to USPS.

Back-ordered Coins

Due to the widespread popularity of our USCG Challenge coins, we may experience backorders on our designs. We often cannot anticipate the popularity of our coins, but we frequently are ordering new stock. If you have any questions about the availability of our coins and/or your order is time sensitive, contact us at hq@bornreadyapparel.com.

If your coin is out of stock when you order it, we will order more if we have not already done so.  Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for replenishment. Once your back-ordered coin arrives in our offices we will prepare your order and have it mailed out. If your back ordered coin is a part of an order with coins in stock we will ship your order once all coins become available and ship your order complete.

Born Ready Apparel Decals

Our decals are constructed of vinyl and designed for outdoor wear. An adhesive is placed on your USCG decal on the opposite side of the graphic. We die cut as close to the original military art as possible. Some decals may experience a thin border while others may see no border at all. Our decals are produced and printed in-house. We print 2 times a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. Please allow 1-2 days from your decal print date for your order to be packaged and mailed using USPS.

Born Ready Apparel Fluid Metal Signs

Due to the custom nature of our fluid metal signs and because each one is handcrafted with our in-house metal artisans please allow a full 2 weeks for the production of your sign before it ships.