Born Ready Apparel is excited to bring to you the shirt that will stand above all other shirts. Those who have disrespected our flag have never been handed a folded one.

MILITARY Those Who Would Disrespect Our Flag

Watching a generation of grown children prance around the streets in masks, scared to show their own faces with one goal in mind; to disrespect and destroy the flag that represents so much to this nation and to the people who die to protect it. These men and women, self entitled and believing that their actions are fighting tyranny, are only bringing discredit upon themselves and blaspheming our great nation. Born Ready Apparel knows men and women who have died protecting our national ensign. Families who have received the flag as a token of this country’s gratitude instead of their loved ones. The flag of the United States of America means so much more to so many of us than just a flag.

The pride American’s feel as patriots extends past political parties and religious beliefs. Patriotism should not be a stigma or a group separated. Americans need to identify fully and proudly as patriots, recognizing that this country is great with all of its mistakes and shortcomings. Without the colors and what they represent, no one would be living the life they do today. Those who have traveled this country and seen the poverty, tyranny, and oppression that infects so much of this world can easily explain what it is to be protected under the red, White, and Blue.Military Those Who Would Disrespect Our Flag Shirt

Born ready Apparel stands proud of this nation and its history. Proud of those who have defended our right to live and breath. Honored to live in a nation of people who have watched their fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, daughters, and sons walk towards the call of battle, only never to return again.