How the USCG Helps During Hurricane Season – Some Things You May Not Know.

USCG Hurricane Season

USCG Hurricane Season. How the USCG Helps During Hurricane Season reminds Americans that Coasties are not just training daily they are doing the job everyday!  Especially during hurricane season from June 1st to the end of November.  They manifest in the Atlantic Ocean out at sea and hit landfall somewhere on the southeast and gulf coasts of the United States of America.

USCG Hurricane Season

The USCG are a first-responder agency, a federal agency. In Florida, they are there to support the state government and have been positioning resources to be in a position to be as effective as possible.


USCG are involved in response to any hurricane approaching South Florida or making landfall in the Keys the USCG positions forces, getting their own to safety, getting the capable,  the aircraft, the boats and ships out of Florida so they can come back immediately, as soon as possible, after the hurricane passes to determine what the needs are of the citizens of the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean.

USCG hurricane Season

People are rescued from flood waters from Hurricane Harvey on an air boat in Dickinson, Texas August 27, 2017. REUTERS/Rick Wilking TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RC13970668F0


USCG will always be ready to do rescue work.  Making sure any stranded, lost or injured citizen is found, located and returned to safety along with medical facilities.  Anything can happen during a hurricane and the USCG is always ready to deploy lifesaving coasties and craft to help those in need.

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The United States Coast Guard after the rescue work, with state, federal, local partners, we’ll focus on reconstituting the ports. After the hurricane makes landfall they assist in clearing up the damaged ports filled with trashed boats and wreckage needing to be cleared so the harbors or ports can get back to functioning.  This helps rescue efforts as well.USCG hurricane clean up