Popeye Bluto Anti-Commi Flip Coast Guard Challenge Coin


That’s All I Can Stands, I Can’t Stands No More!
Popeye and Bluto are ready to battle it out on this 2 Inch, antique doubled sided flip coin. At 4mm with vibrant color and rich metallic accents this coin is sure to add some life to your challenge coin collection. Limited Edition.
Add this unique coin to your collection. Don’t wait, get it today!

40 in stock (can be backordered)


Popeye has had enough and now its time to flip a coin to see the outcome of this historic fight between Popeye, An American Icon and firm Anti-Communist, and his legendary nemesis, Bluto with his Martial Law, Communistic approach to world order and the days of  McCarthyism. Flip the Coin and and see who wins in the monumental battle between Good and Evil!


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