Popeye USCG USN Flip Coast Guard Challenge Coin


Popeye represents the ultimate warm blooded American. Now it’s your turn to decide for good whether he is a Coastie or a Navy Sailor. Only a small quantity will be produced and then once sold out will never be produced again.

Will you be the plank owner of this coin and forever own a piece of Popeye history? Add this unique coin to your collection. Don’t wait, get it today!

20 in stock (can be backordered)


Born Ready Apparel is now offering this one of a kind Popeye flip coin. It features a double sided Popeye representing the United States Coast Guard on one side and the United States Navy on the other. Own a piece of history and choose for yourself whether Popeye is a life saving Coastie or a Navy Sailor. This coin is licensed and approved by King Features and is a 2 inch coin listing the years Popeye was portrayed as both a sailor and a coastie. On their respective sides, the Coast Guard and Navy crests are stamped above Popeye as he proudly stands ready for whatever comes his way.


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