US Veteran Coast Guard Lapel Pin

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The US Veteran Coast Guard Lapel Pin is a tribute to the brave men and women who have served their country with honor and dedication. Crafted to commemorate the sacrifices made by veterans who have pledged to defend the nation against all threats, this lapel pin serves as a symbol of their unwavering commitment to safeguarding American freedom and values.

Elevate your style with the striking US Veteran Coast Guard Lapel Pin, proudly showcasing your esteemed veteran status when affixed to your lapel or ball cap. Crafted by fellow veterans with meticulous attention to detail, this lapel pin is designed to stand out in any setting, making you the epitome of veteran pride and honor. Measuring 1.5 inches, it features a double clutch on the reverse side for secure placement, ensuring it stays in place wherever you go. Be among the first to own this exclusive US Veteran Coast Guard Lapel Pin, a testament to your dedication and service to the nation.

In America, veterans are the cornerstone of our nation’s strength and resilience. Without their selfless sacrifices, we would not have the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy today. It is the courage and valor of soldiers and sailors, not politicians, that have shaped our country’s destiny and championed the principles of freedom and equality for all. Join us in honoring and celebrating the indelible contributions of our veterans, who have paved the way for a brighter future for generations to come.

  • Antique gold and silver plating with hand painted red ad blue
  • 1.5 inches across
  • 3 mm thick.


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