Vietnam Veteran Coast Guard Challenge Coin

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This Vietnam Veteran Challenge Coin was designed for the men of the Vietnam War. This Vietnam Veteran Challenge Coin is 2 inches in height and 4mm in thickness and makes the perfect addition to your Vietnam military coin collection. Deep 3D relief with metallic gold, blue, red, green and silver accents.

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Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition Vietnam Veteran Dragon Challenge Coin.

We honor our Vietnam Veterans. The men and women that served in our United States Military while deployed to East Asia and the country of Vietnam. They were Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Coasties, and Airmen. They were infantry, nurses, doctors, grunts, motor t, helicopter pilots and crews, fighter pilots and air crews, they were snipers, combat engineers, tank commanders, armored personnel drivers, airborne, cavalry, quartermasters, medics, corpsmen and artillerymen to name a just a few.

They served on fire bases, they landed in hot LZs, and they fired naval gunfire from the United States Navy gun line in the Gulf Of Tonkin. They served in places like Da Nang, Quang Tri, Chu Lai, Hue City and fire bases up and down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. They were our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins. They came home.

Our fathers and uncles of Born Ready Apparel are Vietnam Veterans themselves and this coin was designed for them, their brothers and their sisters that served in the Vietnam War.

Welcome Home!


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