The Office of Aviation Forces (CG-711) is a division of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) responsible for the management of all USCG aviation assets. CG-711 is located at USCG headquarters in Washington, D.C. and is headed by the Director of Aviation Forces.

The primary role of the Office of Aviation Forces is to oversee the USCG’s aviation operations, which include search and rescue missions, maritime law enforcement, and environmental response. CG-711 is also responsible for ensuring that all USCG aviation assets are properly maintained and equipped to carry out their missions.

CG-711 utilizes a wide range of equipment and technology to support USCG aviation operations. This includes helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and advanced aviation support equipment such as radar systems, avionics, and communications equipment.

The history of the Office of Aviation Forces can be traced back to the early 20th century when the USCG first began using aircraft to support its missions. Since then, the USCG has developed a robust aviation program, with CG-711 playing a critical role in the management and oversight of this program.

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