Popeye the Sailor Was surely a Coastie!

Popeye the Sailor Was a Coastie! Since the beginning many have disputed the origin of Popeye the Sailors maritime experience.  Popeye the Sailor made his first debut appearance on Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929 and is officially his birthday!  Every year our friend’s at Vision-Strike-Coins creates a new Popeye coin celebrating his birthday.  Recently they created this challenge coin perfect for those still in debate.

Popeye was a Coastie

The Popeye the Sailor US Coast Guard and US Navy flip coin displays the sailor as the story unfolds.  From 1933 to 1941 Popeye wore his Coastie sailor suit with the white cap, blue dungarees and shirt with red piping.  His outfit reflected all the colors of the US Coast Guard.  However at the end of 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor Popeye along with the rest of the Coast Guard and Merchant Marines were folded into the direction of the United States Navy during wartime.

Popeye in the US navy

Henceforth Popeye the Sailor’s outfit changed to the Navy whites with dark neckerchief and piping.  Its clear that after this date Popeye the Sailor participated in the fight in the Pacific Theater delivering spinach packed punch after punch.  Here at Born Ready Apparel appreciate the awareness to detail that the folks at Vision-Strike-Coins produce for us to make all our United Sates Coast Guard Challenge Coins the best.

Please enjoy this commemorative Popeye the Sailor US Coast Guard and US Navy flip coin.  We know any Popeye the Sailor fan will appreciate this unique and limited challenge coin.  Having Popeye with both US Coast Guard on one side and US Navy on other is perfect for any challenge or starting a conversation with any of your sailor mates in either branch.  Thank for visiting us at Born Ready Apparel!

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