Coast Guard Cutter Semper Paratus Coast Guard Challenge Coin

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Powered and sailed by only the most willing and capable sailors. Add this unique USCG coin to your collection.

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Coast Guard cutters are identified as ships 65 feet and up. They serve a multitude of missions and work harder and longer than any ship is truly meant to. The men and women who serve aboard these ships know the meaning of work. They are powered and sailed by only the most willing and capable sailors.

  • 2 inches across
  • 4mm thick
  • antique gold
  • antique silver

Rushing across the top of the coin is the multifaceted 110 ft Patrol boat. Her beautiful beam is a heavenly sight for those whom she races to rescue and a criminal’s worst nightmare when being chased or surprised in the dead of the night below the untouched stars. Crossed rifles stand guard behind the ominous skull. The ready service rifles are a well know tool for Coast Guard Boarding Officers chasing drug runners employed by the cartel. Strong and reliable weapons capable of nearly flawless operation through the saltwater environment they are deployed in. The skull face proudly wears the Coast Guard cover with deep blue eyes reflecting the sea ahead. In the top left corner flies the angel in the sky. A Coast Guard helicopter, known for their bravery and immense capabilities in all weather conditions. Designed by American veterans. Please feel free to contact us at hq@bornreadyapparel.com if you have any further questions. Please allow our customer service representatives 24 hours to respond.

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