Popeye the Sailor Coast Guard Challenge Coin

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2 inches of spinach eating, muscle popping, can ripping, American freedom loving I am what I am Popeye coin. Ready to put some muscle on your challenge coin rack. This Popeye coin is licensed and approved by King Features Syndicate.

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Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition Popeye Don’t Mess With The US Spinach Can Coin.

We know the US military has the grand distinction of opening a can of whoop ass but when it comes to Popeye he takes it to an entirely new level. When Popeye opens a can of spinach he delivers a punch that sends his enemies flying. This original Popeye coin illustrates his connection with Spinach and his supernatural strength when eating it and show Popeye ripping out from his Spinach can. This gold label Spinach can, shows Popeye was canned in 1929, his birth year, and ever since he has been an American icon and a part of her history.


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