Popeye Verses Mars Challenge Coin

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An American Icon goes beyond the Moon and reaches for Mars when Popeye climbs to the stars. Never before has a Popeye Verses Mars Challenge Coin been produced with the style and detail this Popeye coin entails. Faster than Mars rocket, carrying biceps capable of hitting enemies with the force of an Atomic bomb and a cobb pipe that lifts this incredibly patriotic American to new heights as he reaches for the surface of Mars. A planetary, hell, constellation led planetary force that is ready to plant an America flag on Mars and claim it for our own. Pluto having already landed prepares for battle and like our Earthly space force, Popeye is ready to fight on the highest elevations where the battle is won from the heights. Bluto with laser and Space Dog prepare for battle.

Incredible detail with the space suited Popeye, protective astronaut helmet, American flag, planets like Saturn with its rings, stars, and the darkness of the vacuum of space can all be seen. Way beyond the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions with NASA and its preparations and successfully landing on Earth’s moon, now we set a course for Mars with one astronaut we know will take a huge swing at setting down on the Red Planet, Popeye.

Popeye Verses Mars Challenge Coin Product Details

  • Limited Edition Popeye Collectible Coin
  • US Veteran designed and produced
  • 2 Inches In Diameter
  • Dual antique silver and gold antique metals with hand painted enamel

For over 15 years the challenge coins of Born Ready Apparel makers of original US military art have created thousands of challenge coins for US military veterans, family and friends.


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