US Veteran Coast Guard Golf Ball Marker

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This US Veteran Coast Guard Golf Ball Marker was created for every veteran that has raised their right hand, taken a pledge to defend this country against all who would threaten it and ensured that Americans and their freedom would be forever kept and maintained.


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When you hit the course never better than to have your US Veteran Coast Guard Golf Ball Marker with you at all times. Be the US Veteran with the best looking golf ball marker on the links. Designed by US Veterans for US Veterans for their golf pursuits. This US Veteran Coast Guard Golf Ball Marker measures 1.5 inches and comes with a single spike on the reverse side for proper placement on the green. Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition US Veteran Coast Guard Golf Ball Marker.

America is a country because of its Veterans. Pure and simple. Without them we would not be where we are today. It was the soldier and sailor, not the politician that founded this country. It was them that had a resounding effect on policy and freedom, shaped to their beliefs that all men should be given the opportunity to succeed and to take what is theirs.

  • Antique gold and silver plating with hand painted red ad blue
  • 1.5 inches across
  • 4mm thick.


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