USCG Semper Paratus Coast Guard Challenge Coin

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Semper Paratus!

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Ancient Coins


When the Greeks developed personal sovereignty it was a huge leap ahead for mankind. The Romans took it even further with the creation of the Roman Republic and the continuation of freedom and liberties passed from generation to generation. This USCG Semper Paratus Coast Guard Challenge Coin was crafted with these same ideals in mind the preservation of liberty to be passed down from parent to child from our American founding fathers to the present day. The USCG Semper Paratus Coast Guard Challenge Coin defines these ancient but very important ideals both in the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and the liberties we will do anything to preserve.

Side A captures the Alexandrian Lighthouse which casts a light showing sea going people a way to navigate through the storm seas of tyranny allowing safe passage towards liberty to ensue. Side B is the American Bald Eagle which has both a warlike demeanor clutching the arrows of war with its other talons holding onto an olive branch the symbol of peace. America can bring war or peace to ensure its way of life and the preservation of its liberties. This ancient coin is minted to capture the intensity and importance of the ideals of liberty making it a liberty coin worth owning.

This USCG Semper Paratus Coast Guard Challenge Coin measures 1.75″ inches in diameter and is 4mm thick with two tone gold and silver plated accents.

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